New York motorcyclists have a victory on tolls for motorcycles on the New York State Thruway. Beginning May 1, 2005 motorcycles will pay about half of what cars pay as long as the motorcyclist has an E-Z pass. Right now, a car driver with or without an E-Z pass pays almost four cents a mile. Motorcyclists have been paying the same amount. Come May motorcyclists with an E-Z pass will pay 1.9 cents per mile. To get an E-Z pass, motorcyclists can go to: http://capwiz.com/amacycle/utr/1/MJAXEGRFBX/LOAWEGRFHR/ for the application.

The efforts of AMA Community Council – Capitol Area and AMA District 3, President Lawrence Schwartz assisted in making this reduction possible.

Larry and Prospector have been working on this one for some time, and it finally happened.


Folks.. chalk up another one for the good guys!!

This morning, the New York State Senate, after intensive lobbying by Larry and Bob with the Senate General Counsel’s office, gave approval to Senate bill 706, our anti-discrimination measure. It now goes to the Governor. We have great hopes he will sign this one.

This bill bars communities, small and large, from banning motorcycles on any road, street or highway that uses state funds to plan, design, build, operate or maintain that road, street or highway. The bill does not restrict communities from regulating traffic, congestion, noise or pollution and things like that. Those are all local issues. But it does mean that no one can ban motorcycles for just being motorcycles. Hail to all.

It’s been a good day!!!
Larry Schwartz


AMA District 3 Annual Emergency Fund Banquet

At: Quarry Steakhouse, Climax, NY when: March 31, 2007, 5 pm cash bar, 6 pm
dinner, awards to follow cost: $30 – see your AMA rep for tickets directions: NYS
Thruway to Exit 21B. Route 9W South to Route 81. Turn right on Rte 81. Go a
ways and on your right will be Quarry Steakhouse.




By Larry Schwartz
President, District III

The ADA in North Carolina who has filed 2nd degree murder charges against the driver that was responsible for the hit and run death of Tee Moyer  is:

Christopher Parrish
P.O. Box 10769
Greensboro, NC 27404-0769
EMAIL: Christopher.Parrish@NCCOURTS.ORG
Please email or write your support for his efforts in this case! He’s doing a great things by holding this woman accountable for her actions.